Who is It For? What is the Occasion? When? Budget? 4 Questions I Ask Before I Order Flowers...Add Color

Who is it For? What is the occasion? When? Budget?

The 4 questions I ask before I get flowers for my New Jersey Concierges clients.

Over the years, I have ordered and, in most cases, picked up and delivered many flower arrangements, mostly bouquets.

When you add a vase to the mix, it raises the price significantly, so I often skip the vase.

In a small number of cases, I had to place order with out of state florists which makes the process a bit more challenging.

For local clients, I tend to rely on the same florist. 

Bouquets march 2020

Bringing a shop repeat business allows me to get orders filled on short notice and guarantees quality.

Color scheme is an element I add to the 4 main ones. It can add cheer to someone's day. 

Keeping some variety of color keeps repetition at bay.

Flowers of Happiness for Concierge Mondays # 3

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