Low Tech Brew, Great Coffee Taste, You Can't Rush Taste, My Pick, Chemex Glass Coffee Maker

After my last coffee maker died, I was planning to buy a new, better, fancier one, I had somehow settled on the Brewsly 15 Bar (at just under $200).

Since it would take a week to 10 days for it to be delivered, I hit pause on my buy and decided to give the Chemex (6 Cups) Glass Coffee Maker a chance (around $45).

It was in stock at my local Williams Sonoma so I placed the order and picked it up a couple hours later.

Chemex 6 cups

After my first brew and sip, I was sold and decided to forgo getting a new machine.

It does take a bit more time, call it slow coffee if you wish, as you have to boil the water and pour it a couple ounces at a time.

You can't rush taste.

(* According to Chemex website, due to current high demand, it can take up to 2 weeks to receive your Coffee Maker if you order directly from them)

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