Book Distancing Number 1, Friday Twofer Giveaway, Treats Truck Baking and Eat It Up No Fridge Waste Cookbook

Book Distancing Number 1, Friday Giveaway, 

Each Giveaway is a Twofer, book cleaning before Spring.

Eat It Up! no fridge waste cookbook (Da Capo Lifelong, 2016) by Sherri Brooks Vinton 

Eat it up

Treats Truck Baking Book ! (William Morrow, 2011) by Kim Ima

Treats truck baking

Answer 2 questions, and you win, first come first serve 

-Question 1: What can you do with carrots greens?

-Question 2: On brownie sheet, do you prefer corner, center or side?

First come first serve.

E-mail your answers to: [at] mediterraneanworkandplay [dot] com

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I will be practicing book distancing with 2 Book Giveaway each Friday until I run out of giveaways. It will start tomorrow Friday, January 22. A 2 question quiz will determine each weekly 2 Book winner. Mary Kondo did not ask me to do it.
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