Soft Pillow of Eggs for Brunch, Eggs Edamame Bean Sprouts from Greenfeast, Autumn, Winter by Nigel Slater

Soft pillow of eggs for brunch, Eggs Edamame Bean Sprouts recipe from Green Feast Autumn, Winter (Ten Speed Press, September 2020) by Nigel Slater.


A soft pillow of egg. A tangle of vegetables.

Serves 2

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edamame beans, shelled

7 oz/200g

green onions 8

bok choy 7 oz/200g

garlic 3 cloves

large green chiles 2

peanut oil ¼ cup/60ml

bean sprouts 7 oz/200g

eggs 6

nigella seeds 2 teaspoons

cilantro a handful


Bring a pan of water to a boil, add the edamame, and boil till tender — about eight minutes. Drain and refresh in a bowl of ice water.

Finely chop the green onions, discarding the roots and any tough dark green leaves. Shred the bok choy. Peel and thinly slice the garlic. Finely slice the chiles.

Warm half the peanut oil in a large, shallow pan, fry the green onions, garlic, and chiles till soft, then add the shredded bok choy and lastly the bean sprouts, tossing them in the hot oil and cooking for three or four minutes till softened.

Break the eggs into a bowl and beat them lightly with a fork. Add the cooked and drained edamame and the fried vegetables. Season with a little sea salt and black pepper and fold in the nigella seeds and cilantro.

Warm the remaining oil in a large oven safe frying pan, pour in the omelette mixture, and fry over moderate heat for about eight minutes, until the edges have set and the middle is still almost liquid. Heat the oven broiler. Place the frying pan under the broiler and continue cooking for two or three minutes until the center of the omelette is lightly set. (Ideally, it should be a little runny, verging on the point of setting.) Cut in half and serve.

To the basic mixture you can add pretty much any vegetable you have on hand, from fried mushrooms to steamed shredded cabbage. The cooking time is brief, so most vegetables will have to be lightly cooked first. Brassicas such as long-stemmed sprouting broccoli work very well, as do any late autumn beans. I especially like steamed mustard greens.

Greenfeast Autumn Winter COV

(*Reprinted with permission from Greenfeast: Autumn, Winter by Nigel Slater, copyright©2020. Published by Ten Speed Press, an imprint of Penguin Random House. Photography copyright: Jonathan Lovekin © 2020)

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