Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is With Giving Broadly, 40 Plus Women Food Entrepreneurs, Their Tasty Creations

Put your money where your mouth is with Giving Broadly, a selection of 40+ women food entrepreneurs and their creations, curated by Dana Cowin...


Here's what Giving Broadly is about in Dana's words:

"This guide highlights incredible products from women-owned brands that amped up my cooking at home this year. Drawing on more than twenty years of tastings as the editor in chief of Food & Wine, I discovered the most delicious products by outstanding artisans. Now I want to share this tightly-curated collection with you. Shop for delicious gifts and delectable meals; read for stories of vision, persistence and determination; donate to invest in supporting more women entrepreneurs!"

Instead of just talking about diversity, big and small efforts like this make it happen!

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