Dreaming of Travel While Standing Still, 'Wanderlust' by Sabina Trojanova, 500 Vignettes in 140 Characters or So

Dreaming of travel while standing still, #Wanderlust, The World's Most Unforgettable Travel Destinations (Harper Design/ November 2020) by Sabina Trojanova of Girl vs Globe gives you a path.

Instead of long form pieces about the world's many places one dreams of visiting, the author offers 500 vignettes in 140 characters (and change) illustrated by as many photos geared to the Instagram age.


Jokey headlines could have used a little more variety.

Otherwise it's a good book to get your mind off Zoom.

Once you pick your Top 5 or Top 10 destinations, dig deeper elsewhere for details.

My favorite pages were #train journeys and #sand (in the desert for treats) 

Train journeys brought back to mind my own rides aboard Le Petit Train Jaune ( The Little Yellow Train, a You Tube Favorite) in the Pyrenees.

Bon voyage!

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