Chouettes Owls at La Tuile a Loup, Paris, 5eme Arrondissement, One of a Kind Tableware and More

Chouettes owls at La Tuile a Loup!

For 46 years, La Tuile a Loup in Paris, 5th Arrondissement offers tableware (plates, serving dishes and more) made by artisans from all over France.

In her recent piece in FT, How to Spend It magazine Victoria Woodcock quotes shop owner Eric Goujou as stating "The animal pieces are the most important work I carry".

La tuile a loup chouettes

Not sure the shop selection of ceramic animals includes wolves.

The spirit of La Tuile a Loup reminds me of friends of mine in Angers (France) and their ceramic collection of 400 plus pieces of local craftsmen and craftswomen.

(Chouette Owl picture from the Facebook page of La Tuile a Loup)

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