Rail Alphabet 2 to Gatwick Airport Signs, Margaret Calvert: Woman at Work Exhibit, Design Museum, London, Til January 10

Rail Alphabet 2 to Gatwick Airport, Margaret Calvert: Woman at Work Exhibit  at Design Museum in London, until January 10, 2021 (Covid willing).

After  studying art and illustration at Chelsea College of Arts, Margaret Calvert fell into typography after being handpicked by Jock Kinneir.

She was the younger partner and did not get as much credit as she should have for her contributions to their work until Jock Kinneir's death in 1994.

Margaret calvert

The show and the museum  are currently closed to the public until December 2 due to government Covid restrictions.

Many more details on Margaret Calvert exhibit in Signs in tune with their times (Financial Times - October 27, 2020.

As a bonus here's a side piece i wrote related to Chelsea Space gallery at Chelsea College of Arts:

Nashville in London, Hatch Show Print Exhibit at Chelsea Space (December 2013)

(* Photo of Margaret Calvert with her design for the Design Museum's 30th anniversary, copyright Design Museum-London)

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