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Hugo Pratt Travels! Corto Maltese Anywhere but Ithaca, Valladolid, Spain, Opens April 25

Apr 14
Hugo Pratt Travels! Corto Maltese Anywhere but Ithaca in Valladolid, Spain Opens April 25...
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Invisible Mending, Meet Director of Kimono Restoration Koshiro Tatematsu at Japan Society, NY, May 21

Apr 25
Since beginning of my concierge tenure, shoe and bag repairs as well as many clothing alterations are part of the requests. I have not been offered challenge to restore kimono to its original state. The Japan Society in New York invites us to explore Invisible Mending: The Magic of Kimono Restoration on May 21, 2019. In Japan Society's event notes: "Some might see a tear or stain on a beautiful kimono and think the garment...