Invisible Mending, Meet Director of Kimono Restoration Koshiro Tatematsu at Japan Society, NY, May 21

Since beginning of my concierge tenure, shoe and bag repairs as well as many clothing alterations are part of the requests.

I have not been offered challenge to restore kimono to its original state. 

The Japan Society in New York invites us to explore Invisible Mending: The Magic of Kimono Restoration on May 21, 2019.

Invisible mending

In Japan Society's event notes:

"Some might see a tear or stain on a beautiful kimono and think the garment can never be restored to its former glory. But Japan's kimono restoration artisans aim to do just that. These master craftsmen can make small holes seem to disappear as though they never existed, and completely transform discolored garments. High-end apparel makers around the world have taken note, and are now applying these techniques to conserving Western fashions like suits and gowns. At this talk, Koshiro Tatematsu of kimono restoration service Chojiya unravels some of the mysteries behind these fascinating mending techniques, and reveals how they're being used in the fashion world today. Kimono restoration artisans Yoshiko Goto and Minako Mizuochi will show off some of these fascinating techniques first-hand in on-stage demonstrations. "

Tickets are $15 for non-members and $12 for members, seniors and students.

This Tokyo Thursdays # 313 marks the return of Tokyo Thursdays.

Previous One (August 18, 2016): 

Luminous Morning Stroll Minus Tea in Nitobe Memorial Garden, UBC Gardens, Vancouver, August 8


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