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Butter in Rainbow of Colors Except Yellow, At 'Buttercraft' in Portland Patio is Where Yellow Is

Sep 15
Butter in rainbow of colors except yellow, at Buttercraft in Portland (Oregon) patio is where yellow is. Breton in me could not resist the call of butter after reading quote from Buttercraft's owner that 'there is not enough butter in our life'. I hopped on the bus to Sellwood neighborhood and had the pleasure to chat with owner Milla Woller, a native of Memphis who counted butter as a second passion while making heritage pig...
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Emission Inspection in Gowanus Extra, Slice of Salted Caramel Apple Pie from Four and Twenty Blackbirds

Sep 23
Emission inspection in Gowanus extra, Slice of salted caramel apple pie from Four and Twenty Blackbirds Looks like since my last visit (also for emission inspection also) neighborhood is slowly getting gentrified.