No Guillotine at 'Japan Cuts' 10th Annual Festival of New Japanese Film, Opening on Bastille Day, July 14

No Guillotine at Japan Cuts for 10th Annual edition of this Festival of New Japanese Film, Opening on Bastille Day, July 14

Festival counts among its special guests special guests Lily Franky, Atsuko Maeda and Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Added to festival line-up is Microcinema, a free feature with 30 minute shorts from up-and-coming filmmakers in Japan. Shorts will begin playing at 11 AM on July 14 in the Murase Room, and will run throughout the festival. 

Festival opener is Mohican Comes Home about a struggling punk rocker who comes back home from Tokyo with girlfriend in tow to announce that to is family that she is pregnant. (Sold Out)


It concludes with 'The Actor' (below)


Festival runs until July 24, 2016 at Japan Society in New York.

Celluloid Heroes for Tokyo Thursdays #311

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