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Not Just Food at the Table, People Too, 'Kitchen Table Series' Talk with Carrie Mae Weems, The Strand, June 30

Not just food at the table, people too

They bring their day, emotions, troubles and joys 

Photographer Carrie Mae Weems has been capturing kitchen table moments for over 2 decades and shares some of them in recently published Kitchen Table Series (Damiani, April 2016).


You can join Carrie Mae Weems and Adrienne Edwards, curator-at-large at Minneapolis’ Walker Art Center who wrote an essay for the book tonight (Thursday, June 30) at The Strand bookstore at 7 PM.

Reservations online here for $20 (admission and gift card) or $50 for admission and signed copy of the book.

Sensual Dinner Experience, Tasting Memu at Laboratorio Kitchen in Montclair

Only Quiet Moment in Past 3 Weeks,


Tasting Dinner at Laboratorio Kitchen in Montclair


Visually and sensually enticing experience, this past Tuesday

(* Crabmeat with pureed Peruvian potatoes, Crisp Pork belly with Edible flowers, to name 2 of the dishes)

No Bones Left Unturned in 'Brodo' by Marco Canora of 'Hearth'

No bones left unturned in Brodo, A Bone Broth Cookbook ( Clarkson Potter, December 2015).

Since it's May 30th as I am writing this I should mention 'End of the Month Broth' (page 93) as a starter recipe.

Yet as Marco Canora tells it, the vision for 'Brodo' came to light after he stared at this window at his restaurant 'Hearth' for eleven years.

The author also confides that he ' begun drinking bone broth on a regular basis once I realized how much better it made me feel than the endless cups of coffee i'd been in the habit of consuming to lift me out of the afternoon doldrums.'

Brodo cover

Visits to Union Square farmers' market helped the author come up with a menu.

Broth was to be offered as a stand alone beverage not a base for soups or other dishes.

Some ingredients like fresh turmeric are chosen for their health benefits, in this case 'anti-inflammatory' according to Marco Canora.

He even suggests adding a few shavings of it to tea and smoothies.

Other finishing touches that author offers are calabtian chili oil and red pepper flake oil.

Top among practical tips offered to present and future broth makers is 'don't overfill your pot'.

Cheapest and easiest 'how to find bones' options is to 'save leftover bones and whole carcasses from all chicken, duck, turkey, beef, pork, lamb and fish you cook'...

Marco Canora encourages us to make broth with mixed bones but reminds us 'to keep bones from fish and shellfish separate from meat bones'.

We are also encouraged to try 'the 3-day bone broth reset' (details on page 50) to clean our body.

To conclude try the 'polpettone' recipe on page 85 using leftover boiled meat from 'Hearth Broth' to make fried mini meatballs.

Making broth is part of no waste cooking after all.


(* My notes on 'Brodo' could not have happened without a review copy kindly sent by Blogging for Books...)