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Why Juice When You Can Soup, Perks of Being Purple Cauliflower Soup from Soupelina Soup Cleanse

Feb 28
Why juice when you can soup? Start with 'Perks of Being Purple Cauliflower Soup' from Soupelina's Soup Cleanse, Plant-Based Soups and Broths to Heal Your Body, Calm Your Mind, and Transform Your Life (Da Capo Lifelong Books, February 2016) by Elina Fuhrman. The Perks of Being a Purple Cauliflower Soup Sometimes I wonder how people eat all the fake stuff when Mother Nature gives us such beautiful organic flavors and colors. Walking through the farmers...
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12 Ways To Pop Open Wine, A Small Sample of Vivanco Wine Museum 'Corkscrew Collection'

Mar 6
12 ways to pop open Wine with small sample of Vivanco Wine Museum 'Corkscrew Collection' Caught my eye thanks to Rioja Wine USA who notes that full collection has no less than 3,000 pieces. (* Photo courtesy of 'Rioja Wine USA')