Hear Ball Drop at Ms Marmite Lover 'Swedish Super Club' on New Year's Eve, If in London

Hear Ball Drop at Ms Marmite Lover 'Swedish Super Club' on New Year's Eve if you happen to be in London

Lingonberry cheesecake

A few seats are still available

TIckets are £50 a head. Book Here, Bring Your Own Champagne BYOC


If you are nowhere near London, get a taste of Sweden with Lingonberry Cheesecake Recipe (pictured above) from Traditional Swedish Cooking (Skyhorse Publishing, October 22, 2011) by Caroline Hofberg.

( Photo of Lingonberry Cheesecake recipe from Traditional Swedish Cooking by Caroline Hofberg- Skyhorse Publishing, October 22, 2011- reproduced by permission of the publisher, all rights reserved)

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