One for the Party Girls, Marocha Papaya Cocktail from 'Hartwood' Cookbook

Not every American will go for their 'Fish Head Soup' recipe yet I am sure every one of them will find something to be awed by in Hartwood 'Bright, Wild Flavors from the Edge of the Yucatan' (Artisan Books, Fall 2015) by Eric Werner and Mya Henry.

The couple decided to leave their New York restaurant jobs and pack up their bags for Tulum (Yucatan, Mexico) to build their dream restaurant open to the skies.

Here's a cocktail from the book to make you thirsty for more.


Makes 1 drink

A marocha is a woman with dark hair and smoky coloring; it’s also slang for a party girl, the one who’s always going out and hitting the dance floor. This drink tastes how a marocha looks: earthy papaya (which becomes buttery when pureed) paired with smoky mezcal and brightened with orange juice. It’s also what a marocha might drink to get the night going. 

2 shots papaya puree

1 shot smoky mezcal

¼ cup fresh orange juice


Pour the papaya puree into a glass, then fill the glass with ice. Add the mezcal and orange juice and stir well.

(*Excerpted from Hartwood by Eric Werner and Mya Henry -Artisan Books- Copyright © 2015. Photographs by Gentl & Hyers)

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