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Quinoa Sweet Potato and Walnut Veggie Burger, Before or after Turkey Binge Recipe from 'The Quinoa CookBook'

Nov 25
A timely recipe for before or after turkey binge Recipe, from The Quinoa [Keen-Wah] CookBook (Harper Wave, July 2015) by Maria del Mar Sacasa... Quinoa, Sweet Potato and Walnut Veggie Burgers YIELDS 4 (6-OUNCE) PATTIES Textural balance and difference is important to every recipe, but especially with veggie burgers. Have you ever had one that’s just plain mushy? If so, it was probably your last until now. This recipe, with sweet potatoes as a lightly...
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Heaven in My Glass Last Friday at Del Posto, Amarone Mater Domini Veneti 08 from Cantina Negrar

Nov 27
Heaven in my Glass last Friday at Del Posto Amarone Mater della Valpolicella, Domini Veneti 2008 from Cantina Negrar, a coop...