Food History Festival, Free, Part of Smithsonian Food History Weekend, October 24, Washington DC

Food History Festival,  Free, October 24, from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM.


Among Food and Cooking Innovation, my picks are Curing Innovations with Red Apron Butchery's Nathan Anda (from 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM) and Innovating Oaxacan Cooking with Neftali Duran (from 4:15 PM to 4:45 PM).

Book signings are part of the mix, including Warren Brown author of Pie Love whose delightful and airy Mango Meringue Pie recipe i shared 2 years ago.

More inventive types will like the Spark' Lab sessions.

Check Full Program here...

Event is part of Smithsonian Food History Weekend (October 22-24, 2015)

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