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No Biscuits in that LU Pitcher, Water Only, Useful Souvenirs from Midica

No biscuits in that LU pitcher, water only

Lu pitcher

After seeing one on my mother's dining room table, I could not resist fetching one from Midica on Place Esquirol in Toulouse (20 Euros).

Along with this pitcher, I also took advantage of the July 'Soldes' to buy 10 wash gloves for 20 Euros.

Useful souvenirs, Summer 2015

La Farinata, Thin Crust Pizzas and Tasty Wine List, On Quiet Plaza in Toulouse

Opened recently, La Farinata, Thin Crust Pizzas and Tasty Wine List


On Quiet Plaza in Toulouse

Menu farinata

Pizza to enjoy sur place or a emporter (take out)

La roquette

On a hot Saturday evening (July 18), I had 'La Roquette' with a glass of 'Rey 37'

Curated wines farinata

Julia, when he does not play golf or hit the road to catch a Barca  game, minds the short yet well curated wine list (selection above) and roams the dining room and terrasse while his partner rolls the dough and bakes the pies.

La Farinata is located 7, Place Sainte Scarbes, 3 minutes walk from Place St Etienne