Bootstrap Your Cocktail on Siete de Mayo, Persimmon Margarita by Tipsy Texan

Bootstrap Your Cocktail on Siete de Mayo with this recipe from Tipsy Texan: Spirits and Cocktails from the Lone Star State (Andrews McMeel Publishing, June 2013) by David Alan, the Tipsy Texan .

Persimmon Margarita

Persimmons are one of the hallmarks of fall. From the time the temperature drops until the holidays, persimmons start making their way to the local farmers’ market.

The waiting game can be almost unbearable, but once they are finally ripe, the reward justifi es the wait. My favorite thing to do with persimmons is to press the ultra-ripe fruit through a fi ne-mesh strainer, discard the skin and seeds, and shake the resulting pulp into my fall Margaritas.

2 ounces reposado tequila

2 ounces Paula’s Texas Orange

2 ounces persimmon puree

1 ounce freshly squeezed lime juice

Cinnamon-Sugar-Cayenne rim

Persimmon margarita

Combine all the liquid ingredients in a mixing glass and shake vigorously with ice to chill and emulsify. Strain onto fresh ice in a pint glass rimmed with cinnamon-sugar-cayenne rim.

Since persimmons are not in season, maybe Alphonso mangoes might do the trick as a substitute? 

(* Recipe from Tipsy Texan: Spirits and Cocktails from the Lone Star State by David Alan- Andrews McMeel Publishing, June 2013- reproduced with permission of publisher)

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