Raspberry Pink Zelda from 'Cocktails on Tap' by Jacob Grier, Ransom Gin Preferred

As author puts it 'Beer cocktails and pink drinks, who says they're mutually exclusive?' 

Pink Zelda from Cocktails on Tap, The Art of Mixing Spirits and Beer (Stewart, Tabori and Chang, March 2015) by Jacob Grier proves they can work it done.



1 egg white

2 oz. (60 ml) gin, preferably Small’s

3/4 oz. fresh lime juice

3/4 oz. Kriek Syrup, see recipe below

Raspberries, for garnish




Combine the ingredients in a shaker and shake without ice to aerate the egg white.

Add ice and shake again. Strain the drink into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with the raspberries. Serves 1

Kriek Syrup

1 cup (240 ml) Kriek Lambic Reduction, see page 104

1 cup (200 g) sugar

Combine the kriek reduction and sugar in a pot and heat, stirring, until the sugar has dissolved. Store the syrup in a sealed bottle in the refrigerator. It will keep for several weeks. Makes about 1 3/4 cups (420 ml)

(* Recipe reproduced with permission from 'Cocktails on Tap' by Jacob Grier - Stewart, Tabori and Chang, March 2015- Photographs: David L. Reamer)

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