Holly Branches! Ilex Holiday Wreath in 4 Steps and 5 Photos from The Wreath Recipe Book

Holly Branches!

Here's the Ilex Holiday Wreath in 4 Steps and 5 Photos from The Wreath Recipe (Artisan Books, 2014) by Studio Choo Florists Alethea Harampolis and Jill Rizzo.

Finished piece first, then step by step instructions 

233_Ilex Recipe 3 Wreath

Ilex Recipe 3: Wreath


4 ilex branches
2 redwood branches
3 holly branches


Honeysuckle wreath frame
Medium-gauge wire


1- Start with a loosely woven honeysuckle wreath frame.

232_Ilex Recipe 3 Step 1

2- Tuck in three ilex branches on the top left side of the frame.

232_Ilex Recipe 3 Step 2

3- Place the redwood branches facing in opposite directions on the bottom of the wreath and wire in place.
Tuck the remaining ilex branch into the bottom of the wreath on the right side.

232_Ilex Recipe 3 Step 3

4- Tuck the holly branches into the bottom of the wreath so that they arc out in different directions.

232_Ilex Recipe 3 Step 4

You can judge this book by its cover

3D COVER.The Wreath Recipe Book. HIGH RES

(* Excerpted from The Wreath Recipe Book by Alethea Harampolis and Jill Rizzo -Artisan Books, Copyright © 2014- Photographs by Paige Green)

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