Beautiful Inside, Crafty Christmas, Handblown Glass from 'The Life of a Bowerbird' by Sibella Court

Beautiful Inside, if you like to give or receive Crafty Christmas Gifts, here's a book for you: The Life of a Bowerbird Creating Beautiful Interiors with the Things You Collect (Harper Design, October 2012) by Sibella Court...

Handblown glass

For example, handblown glass with a festive touch (above).

If your decorating taste is a bit more adventurous, try a Bone Collection...

Lifeofbowerbird cover

If you are in New South Wales (Australia) you might have had the added peasure of joining Sibella for December 6th opening of The Society Inc holiday fleamarket...

(* Snapshot taken from pages of  'The Life of a Bowerbird' by Sibella Court- Harper Design, Fall 2012 - original photo by Chris Court)

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