Secret Hideouts For Grown-Ups, A Japanese Book Exploration, Yuki Kageyama

When hideouts for grown-ups are mentioned, what comes to mind first is crime witness, spies and victims of violence to name a few.

With 'Secret Hideouts for Grown-Ups' (DU Books), Yuki Kageyama looks at these hideouts through a different lense.

Secret hideouts

Here's how the book came to be according to this excerpt from Yuki Kageyama's interview with PingMag (April 18, 2014)

"I started to think that the concept of a “secret hideout” was interesting when I used to work for a publishing company and was involved in putting together a book on how outdoor festivals are made. I thought it was interesting to create a book explaining the know-how of a socially undefined job or way of living. I also edited a book by Takahiro Nogata about how to build a secret hideout and so then I had the idea of making my own book about secret hideouts for grown-ups. And yes, the 2011 northeast Japan disaster was a big turning point for secret hideouts. Due to the kind of times we are living in surely more and more people are now creating their own spaces where they can be satisfied."

Illustrations for the book are by Yoshifumi Takeda...

Grown-ups playing games for Tokyo Thursdays # 298

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