Fits Like a Sock, French Jika-tabis of Assaboots by Way of Florent Chavouet

Shoe Fits like a sock,  discovered French Jika-tabis of Assaboots by Way of Japanese commentary of Florent Chavouet through his drawings.

Learned from Assaboots 'Tabi' history that "Shigeki Tanaka, 19, Hiroshima survivor, wins the 1951 Boston Marathon with a time of 02:22:45 . He ran in Jikatabis manufactured by a small business in Kobe called Onlstuka Tiger which would later become Asics."

Assaboots black

 Shoe fits like a sock for Tokyo Thursdays # 299

English edition of Florent Chavouet illustrated guide to Tokyo, Tokyo on Foot was released in U.S by Tuttle Publishing.

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(* Black Jika-tabis photo from Assaboots Facebook page)

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