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Spice Up Week End Table, Vegan Jalapeno Pesto Potato Tamales from 'Tamales'

Nov 22
Spice up your week-end table with this Vegan recipe from Tamales, Fast and Delicious Mexican Meals (Ten Speed Press, October 2014) by Alice Guadalupe Tapp... Jalapeño Pesto Potato Tamales Here is another great vegan tamale recipe from my sister, Diane. Because it’s vegan, the recipe eliminates the Parmesan or Romano cheese found in most pesto recipes. This is also on our menu at Tamara’s Tamales, and it keeps our vegan customers happy. It’s also delicious...
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I Sing the Beer Electric, Dogfish Head 'Bitches Brew'

Nov 25
Ok, I missed original release of this special edition beer from Dogfish Head by more than 4 years. I sing the beer electric with Bitches Brew ...