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Pasta Every Which Shape and Candied Fruit Half Moon Pasta Recipe for World Pasta Day

Oct 25
There's life beyond spaghetti as previously posted Pasta for your Eyes, Corals, Morels to Rooster Combs, Colorful Shapes (August 2013) Sweet pasta treat? Mezzelune Dolci, Candied Fruit Filled Half Moon Pasta recipe from Pasta Italiana (Kyle Books USA, January 2012), by Gino D' Acampo My way to celebrate #WorldPastaDay
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Open your Eyes to Myopia at MCA in Denver, October 30, Courtesy of Mark Mothersbaugh

Oct 29
Open your Eyes to Myopia at MCA in Denver, opening on October 30, courtesy of Mark Mothersbaugh Exhibit covers many facets of Mark's creative output outside music. Myopia keeps its eyes opened in Denver until April 12, 2015. There is also a companion book Myopia (Princeton Architectural Press, October 21) by Adam Lerner (cover above).