Powerhouse Spirit, Brooklyn Spirits Book Launch at Powerhouse Arena, Brooklyn, Oct 16

While taking in part of the Dumbo Arts Festival on Sunday, I took a house guest from New Zealand to Powerhouse Arena and noticed among the upcoming book events, Brooklyn Spirits book launch on October 16 at 7 PM with authors Peter Fornatale and Chris Wertz...

Brooklyn spirits

"What’s getting mixed in the neighborhood these days? Peter Fornatale and Chris Wertz take us on a boozy journey through the popular cocktails of the world’s hippest borough. Distillers Bridget Firtle (Noble Experiment) and Steve DeAngelo (Greenhook Ginsmiths) join for a stirring talk on the spirit behind Brooklyn-based spirits. Cocktails will be served! "

More details here...RSVP appreciated.

Brooklyn Spirits is published by Powerhouse Books.

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