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Llama in Times Square, 6th European Month of Photography, Berlin, Oct 16- Nov 16

Sep 6
Theme for 2014 Monat der Fotografie Berlin (MdF Berlin' is 'Upheavals and Utopias. The Other Europe'. Not every show is focused on Europe as 'Llama in Times Square 1956' from Magnum Contact Sheets prove. Staying in the same time period is Will McBride: I was in love with this City, Berlin photographs 1956-1963 (picture below). Closer to us is exploration with Metro by Verena Jaekel and Sandip Kuriakose of Building of Delhi. Monat der Fotografie...
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Rice Balls Play, Fun with Onigiri at Kinokuniya, San Francisco, Sept 14, New York, Sept 20

Sep 11
Playing with rice balls! Have fun with Onigri at Kinokuniya, San Francisco, September 14, 2014 Also in New York, September 20. Both events with Reiko Yamada, author of Everyday Onigiri... Playful Tokyo Thursdays # 294 Previously: Put Cutting Board to Work after Reading 'Japanese Kitchen Knives', Techniques and Recipes