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Beer Essence, Steamed Fish with IPA and Pineapple Salsa from Beer and Food

Aug 19
Your first taste of Beer and Food ( Ryland Peters & Small, Dog & Bone imprint, Spring 2014) Mark Dredge of Pencil and Spoon was a Rhubarb and Raspberry Framboise Fool... Here's something with a beer essence. Steamed Fish with IPA and Pineapple Salsa This dish uses IPA and a mix of fruity, spicy ingredients to steam a piece of white fish. It then serves a pieapple salsa on the side, which is made with...
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Put Cutting Board to Work after Reading 'Japanese Kitchen Knives', Techniques and Recipes

Aug 21
Put your cutting board to work after reading Japanese Kitchen Knives (Kodansha USA, January 2013) by Hiromitsu Nozaki and Kate Klippensteen with photographs by Yasuo Konishi. Put techniques and recipes offered to the test. Chop, chop for Tokyo Thursdays # 293 Previously: Hideyuki Oka Classic 'How to Wrap 5 Eggs', The Art of Traditional Japanese Packaging