Cremant d'Alsace and Kerner, Wine Pairings on Restaurant Under Lindetraeet 2011 Menu

This menu from Restaurant under Lindetraeet in Odense (Denmark) was gathering dust in a box until I unearthed it while doing some sorting out.

Menu copenhagen summer 2011

I had the pleasure to sample their fare at Copenhagen Cooking Nordic Taste on my last day of a 3 day week-end in Copenhagen in August 2011.

I was there for Nordic Feed conference.

As you can see, wine pairings range from Cremant d'Alsace to Kerner.

Another highlight from Nordic Feed was Jacobsen's Brewer Marten Ibsen Gives us Scandinavian Beer Education, Nordic Feed Pt 3...

Sorry I could not translate menu from Danish for you. 

Restaurant Under Lindetraeet website is also in Danish only.

A few details in English are offered by Visit Denmark...

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