Camping Recipes from Hot Dog Goulash to Newspaper Fish plus How to Pitch Your Tent

Summer is still in full swing especially in Europe where many businesses close their door in August.

For those of you who go camping while vacationing here are a few recipes.

Back in 2011, I shared this Outdoorsy Version of Bangers and Mash, a Hot Dog Goulash from The Camping Cookbook (Kyle Books) by Annie Bell.


Also in 2011, I served this Newspaper Fish for Dinner, Mackerel, Trout, Recipe from The Scandinavian Kitchen (Kyle Books) by Camilla Plum.

Newspaper fish

In her 2007 book Let's Get Primitive, Heather  Menicucci offers tips on where to pitch your tent from 1 to 3 hours away from 40 major US cities.

Check her How to Camp video.

If you want some creature comfort Discover 'The Freedom to Sleep around' with 'Escape' Camper Vans in New Zealand.

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