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Delicate, Calling to be Devoured, Almond, Rose Water, Chocolate Mallomar Chimneys

Jul 28
This delicate treat from Smashing Plates (Kyle Books USA, April 2014) by Maria Elia is calling to be devoured. Almond, rose water, and chocolate mallomar chimneys Mallomar chimneys are one of my favorite treats! Making them can take a bit of mastering, though, so this is a simplified version. I’ve flavored the marshmallow with rose water and used an almond cookie for the base, but there are many variations you could try, including those I’ve...
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It's Gnocchi Day in Argentina, July 29, Celebrate with Ricotta Gnocchi and Alta Langa Potato Gnocchi Recipes

Jul 29
It's Gnocchi Day in Argentina, Ñoquis Del 29 Celebrate with Alta Langa Potato Gnocchi by Manolo Allochis... and Blooming Recipe, Ricotta Gocchi with Squash Blossoms and Clams by Fabio Viviani... Ricotta Gnocchi (first shared April 2013) by Fabio Viviani from Fabio's Italian Kitchen (Hyperion- April 24, 2013). Alta Langa Potato Gnocchi (first shared August 2011) by Manolo Allochis from from Italy's Great Chefs and their Secrets (White Star Publishers, 2010). (* Recipe and photo from...