Gavroche, 3 Monts et Rince Cochon, 3 Beers that Sing their Own Song

In wine, movies, food, music and beer life would be boring if you there was no variety.

Tasted at Summer Fancy Food Show 2014, Gavroche, 3 Monts et Rince Cochon, are 3 Beers for 3 Occasions.

Gavroche 3 monts rince cochon

Gavroche is a Red Ale, re-fermented in the bottle from Brasserie de St Sylvestre in Northern France.

3 Monts is a light golden beer (also from Brasserie de St Sylvestre) which is drawn from wooden barrels in Flemish bars.

With Rince Cochon Blonde Ale 'Cuvee sur Lie' we cross border into Belgium, spicy notes.

What food or cheese would you pair with it?

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