'City and Nature' Ryuichi Sakamoto Guest Director of Sapporo International Art Fest, July 19-Sept 28

Under banner of 'City and Nature' Sapporo International Art Festival (SIAF) 2014 (July 19-September 28) covers broad range of topics.

Contribution by Hey Sapporo' is filed under 'Lifestyle Adventurers' and asks among other questions: 'Where is frontier of happiness'.


This year's theme as outlined by guest festival director Ryuichi Sakamoto below:

"The land which was named Hokkaido after the Meiji Restoration can be seen as a symbol of Japan’s modernization due to the part it played.
Even the indigenous people and nature of Hokkaido were not immune from that modernization.
By looking back on our past through art we can explore the concept of nature, cities, economy and lifestyles in Sapporo/Hokkaido in the 21st century (the concept of social sculpture)."

Ryuichi Sakamoto, is involved in a number of events including Ryuichi Sakamoto + YCAM InterLab “Forest Symphony in Moerenuma Park...

Art of Living for Tokyo Thursdays #290

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(* Photo above is Hey Sapporo 'At View' on site at SIAF by Saiko Ito @SaikoCamera from Hey Sapporo blog)

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