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Make Coffee, Not Trash is Motto of Eko Brew Reusable Filter, Will it Resonate?

Jul 1
Make coffee, not trash is motto of Eko Brew, the maker of a reusable filter for single cup coffee brewing machines. You have to be willing of course to take that extra step of filling filter with your own coffee (which in turn allows you to choose which coffee to drink) and rinse filter between uses. How many single cups end up in landfills after use on a yearly basis? I don't know. It reminds...
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3 Whites, 3 Countries, Yalumba Riesling, Valckenberg Gewurtztraminer, Willm Riesling

Jul 2
When weather turns warm and sticky as it's been the case on East Coast in past week, the number of red wines on my table goes down. 3 recent whites (all 2012) were Yalumba 'Riesling' (Barossa), P.J Valckenberg 'Gewurtztraminer' (Pfalz, Germany) and Willm 'Riesling' (Alsace, France). Aromatic, low in alcohol (10%) Valckenberg 'Gewurtztraminer' and bolder Willm 'Riesling' led the pack. All in $10-$15 range, they will fit your budget.