Margaux Holds Rouge Noir 'Menetou-Salon' and Les Charmes 'Pouilly Fume' at Arms Length

As in past few wine tastings I had the chance to attend, I captured photos of a few favourite wines at Spring to Loire Loire Valley Wines event today in New York.

Margaux Nicolle holds Rouge Noir, Domaine de Chatenoy by Xavier Flouret (2011, from 'Menetou-Salon appellation) and Domaine Chatelain "Les Charmes" (2011, from Pouilly-Fume appellation) at arms length.

Margaux, loire tasting

Rouge Noir by Xavier Flouret (2011) is 100% Pinot Noir, a full bodied red, earthy with lively tannins...around $23 retail.

"Les Charmes" Domaine Chatelain (2011) is 100% Sauvignon Blanc, a mouth filling white with wide range of aromas...Around $22 retail.

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