Rooster's Revenge, For Guys With New Love, Espolon Reposado Valentine's Day Cocktail

After cute and sweet, here's a manly cocktail recipe courtesy of James Groetzinger at Warehouse (Charleston, South Carolina) for guys who got dumped and found new love in time for Valentine's Day...

Rooster's Vengeance

by James Groetzinger – owner and bar manager

2oz Espolon Reposado

1oz hickory smoked cinnamon syrup

0.5oz fresh lemon

2 dashes Tabasco

4oz Spiced Apple Cider 

Rooster's revenge

“This drink is insane; It’s my favorite cocktail right now, hands down,” James Groetzinger, co-owner, Warehouse 

Espolon Resposado has a long, spicy finish, which is accentuated beautifully by the Tabasco. There is just enough Tabasco to make those flavors pop, with the lemon and apple cider to temper the heat and spice.

(* Recipe and photo courtesy of Warehouse in Charleston, South Carolina)

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