Postwar Japan in 'Chewing Gum and Chocolate' Photos of Shomei Tomatsu

Postwar Japan is on display in Chewing Gum and Chocolate (Aperture, US publication, May 31, 2014) featuring photography of Shomei Tomatsu (1930-2012).

Some context:

"Shomei Tomatsu originally named this series Occupation, but later retitled it Chewing Gum and Chocolate to reflect the handouts given to Japanese kids by the soldiers--sugary and addictive, but lacking in nutritional value. And although many of his most iconic images are from this series, the best of this work has never before been gathered together in a single volume. Leo Rubinfien, co-curator of the photographer’s survey Skin of the Nation, contributes an essay that engages with Tomatsu’s ambivalence toward the American occupation and the shifting national identity of Japan."


Life in Japan after the war for Tokyo Thursdays # 278


In Search of Japan, Japan 8-9-3 Achim Duchow Photo Exhibit at Weltkunstzimmer, Dusseldorf

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