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Cigarrummet Pipes and Cigars, Djurgardsbrunnskanalen Boat Ride, Stockholm Holy 10 do's and don'ts by Bahar

Feb 23
After St. Louis (Missouri), 10 do's and don'ts take us to Stockholm courtesy of Iranian born Bahar Borna Faraz who I got in touch with thanks to her Portraits of Onions... Here's Bahar Holy List, 10 Do's and Don'ts of Stockholm 1- Visit the photography museum Fotografiska. It is one of the largest photography only museums in the world. 2- Visit the Moderna museum if you are interested in contemporary art. 3- If you want...
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Polenta, Once a Stomach Filling Staple for the Poor, Here with Tomato, Feta and Mushrooms

Feb 26
Third excerpt from Take One Pot (Kyle Books, October 2013) by Georgina Fuggle after Hollow the Loaf, Quiche in a Suitcase is based on polenta, once a stomach filling staple for the poor to fill their stomachs, now gracing the best restaurants tables. Polenta Bake with Tomato, Feta and Mushrooms Years ago, ground polenta simply provided hunger-defying gruel to the poor, but today it’s found cooked with the expensive additions of Parmesan and butter. The...