Dog and Bone, from 101 Sandwiches to Cook your Date into Bed, on Helen Graves Trail

After taming the beast with 101 Sandwiches (Dog and Bone, October 2013), Helen Graves of London Review of Sandwiches blazes post Valentine's Day trail with Cook your Date into Bed (also Dog and Bone, February 28, 2014).


"Frustrated at the ‘cheesy pile of utter toss’ usually written about the relationship between food and romance, Helen Graves decided to do something about it. Cook Your Date Into bed is an ant-cliché cynical sideways glance at the genre backed up by food and drink recipes that will make you look totally slick with minimal effort.

Every situation is covered, from the classic evening dinner date scenario to the morning after (wahey!), the picnic date, the cinema date, right through to the post pub munchies. There’s a lot of bitching about silly assumptions along the way, like the concept of aphrodisiac foods, tirelessly rolled out every year around Valentine’s day, the pros and cons of the various dating scenarios and some horror stories involving food and dating, collected from Graves’ (brave) friends."

I have not had the pleasure to read either book yet.

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