Bid, Art on Skateboards from Joi Ito to 1st Female Indian Skateboarder Atita Benefit We School India Skatepark

She knows how to make things happen in her many projects including currently We the School India an We Magazine- Middle East. Ulrike Reinhard is always generous with her time and advice so when she asked me to give a hand in spreading the word on an auction she is spearheading to raise funds for a skatepark in rural India, I could not say no.

This effort reminds me of model that was adopted for Menu for Hope (the brainchild of Pim Techamuanvivit of Chez Pim) of which i was happy to be a small part.

Ulrike and her team put together a nice international roster of creative minds and asked them to offer their Skateboard designs for Artboard/ Skateboard...

BIDDING OPENS ON MARCH 20...Bidding Links will not be active until that date.

Among the 20 pieces, I picked 3 

Bollywood style by Kanhaiya Prasad Singh


Goddess like by Atita Verghese listed as the 1st female Indian skateboarder


Visions of Bamboo by Joi Ito 



To get your chance to help the project and hopefully be the proud recipient of one of these unique pieces, all you need is a minimum of 300 Euros ($ 411 at today's rate) and a little chance.

Rules of the Bid

ARTBOARD / SKATEBOARD IS AN INITIATIVE OF WE_SCHOOL, INDIA. Over the last year we’ve done various skateboard workshops – now we decided to build a skatepark in rural India. To raise funds for the skatepark we’ve asked designers, photographer and artists to “design” a skateboard. This site is set up to auction the artboards.

100% of the auction proceeds will go into the project!

The auction will be live from March 20 until March 26, 2014. During this time the YOUR BID button will be activated.

The minimum bid for each ARTBOARD / SKATEBOARD is 300 €.



Get your bids going and spread the word.

(* Images shared with permission, all rights reserved)

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