Tis Season to be Fearful? Christmas Spine Chillers served this December in London by Art Macabre

Seems like the folks at Art Macabre 'Drawing Salons' in London want to turn 'tis the season to be cheerful' into 'tis the season to be fearful'.


They give Londoners a taste of their 'Pagan' take on holidays with The Spirit of Christmas Spine Chillers at Barts Pathology Museum on December 6 and Cruel Yule at The Proud Archivist on December 19, 2013.

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When Dessert Plate takes you to Biarritz and Paris, Dessert Plates by Assiettes et Cie

Nov 29
When your plates remind you of vacations in Basque region, Paris, Biarritz or short trips there, might be perfect gift for friends who lived there or more prosaically are a nice prop to add theater to your dessert, you have a winner. These travel themed plates (14 Euros a piece) and others (Surf, Escarpins, etc) are Beatrice Pene creations at Assiettes et Compagnie in France. Thanks to Pascale Weeks of C'est moi qui l'ai fait...
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Nov 30
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