Pogaca, Simit and Borek at Simit House Bakery, New Kid of Montclair Food Scene

After driving a number of times past Simit House Bakery, 5 minutes from my house in Montclair, I took a few minutes to talk to the owner, Ibrahim Yagci, and learn the names of some of their offerings besides Simit (bagel's grandfather).

They have only been opened for a couple of weeks.


Above is what I was told is typical Turkish breakfast of Simit, tomatoes, cucumbers, green and black olives and Feta cheese.

They bake on premises 3 times a day.

On top of image below are the stuffed Pogaca. They come in savory (olive paste, feta, provolone) and sweet (chocolate, raisin and walnut, apricot walnut) flavors.


At bottom of same image are Borek filled with spinach, feta cheese, carrots and eggs.

Ibrahim made sure I did not leave Simit House Bakery without tasting their Turkish coffee.

A taste of Istanbul in Montclair, New Jersey.

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