Food World Travails in Images and Words, Alimenterre Festival 2013, Brussels, October 16-20

Brussels hosts 5th Edition of Festival Alimenterre presented by SOS Faim.

It explores in images and words the food world's ills from October 16 to October 20, 2013.

Film program is evenly divided between French and English language documentaries.

4 English language entries:

The Food Speculator (2012), Seeds of Freedom (2012), Land Rush (2011) and Canning Paradise (2012)

4 French language entries:

Les Semences Prennent Le Maquis (2011), Terres a Taire (2010), Slow Food (2010) and Pierre Rahbi, Au Nom de la Terre (2013).


Besides film screenings, Festival Alimenterre offers a number of panel discussions on topics as varied as fish stock grab, future of native seeds, soy history...

The sunday afternoon Cooking Workshop at La Tricoterie on how to combine traditional Afghan recipes with sustainable agriculture is sold out.

Brussels on menu for 1 day late Green Day # 259

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