Unable to Get Print Copy of Japan Beer Times 'Summer 2013' Issue, Download Craft Beer Japan App

Unless you leave in Japan,getting your hands on print copy of Japan Beer Times 'Summer 2013' Issue (cover below) could be a challenge. Magazine is bilingual English-Japanese in case you worried.


You can of course visit (bilingual) Japan Beer Times website.

If you plan to visit Japan you can download their Craft Beer Japan App available for both Android and Apple devices. $3.19 on Google Play.

"Craft Beer Japan is the most comprehensive beer application in Japan. It provides essential information on bars, restaurants and retailers that offer craft beer all across Japan."

Beer on calendar of Tokyo Thursdays # 263


All Dressed Up, Trees Outside Malba for Yayoi Kusama 'Obsesion Infinita' Exhibit in Buenos Aires

(* Image of cover of 'Japan Beer Times latest issue from their Google+ page)

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