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Let's Eat Food on Film, Spinning Plates documentary Showing in Huntington, NY, September 11

Aug 28
3 restaurants, 3 stories, 3 places across the USA, Spinning Plates (2012) documentary film directed by Joseph Levy finally got my attention thanks to Cinema Arts Center in Huntington, New York (Long Island). They are screening Spinning Plates in collaboration with Slow Food Huntington on September 11, 2013 at 7:30 PM. What movie is about: “Every restaurant exists to entertain people,” says Nick Kokonas, a partner in Chicago’s upscale Alinea. “No one needs to eat...
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Cool and Crisp, Amabuki Sparkling Junmai Ginjo Sake, Melinda Joe's Thirst Quencher on Hot Tokyo Day

Aug 29
Hot humid days are a common thing during summer months in Tokyo. Cool and crisp, Amabuki Sparkling Junmai Ginjo Sake is one of the suggested thirst quenchers besides water kindly offered by Tokyo resident Melinda Joe. Besides her site Tokyo through the drinking glass, Melinda Joe contributes to Japan Times and Wall Street Journal. Her tasting notes on Amabuki Sparkling Junmai Ginjo Sake by Amabuki Shuzo Brewery in Saga Prefecture: "Cool and crisp, with a...