Foraging Dinner, IncrEdibles at Kew Gardens, Amazing World of Edible Plants, August 29, London

Throughout the summer of 2013, Kew Gardens in London is showing with IncrEdibles at Kew Gardens how amazing world of edible plants is.

As part of the food festivities, they invite us to a Foraging Dinner on August 29, 2013 (7 to 10 pm) at Orangery Restaurant on garden grounds, 3 course foraged dinner with foraging expert Yun Hidercocktail on arrival and entry to Kew Gardens.


"Tickets include entry to Kew Gardens, a  foraged cocktail followed by a three-course foraged dinner, featuring dishes such as grilled Kentish asparagus, wood sorrel flower petals and wild rosemilk jelly, white and dark chocolate crumbs and candied pistachios. Expert forager Yun Hider, will explain how to forage and how these plants grow in the gardens. Price - £45 per person, including entry to Kew Gardens."

Reservations Online via Food from Kew on Eventbrite (by August 27,2013)

Amazing world of edible plants for Green Day # 255

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