Apfelweinfestival 2013, Frankfurt 'Apple Wine Festival' in Full Swing, Ends August 18

In Frankfurt, Apfelweinfestival 2013 (Apple Wine Festival) is in full swing at Roßmarkt until Sunday, August 18, 2013.

I am not sure what differentiates apple cider and apple wine except the fact that apple wine is almost exclusively made with sweet apples from what I gathered.


Trying to make up for my lack of knowledge about history and tradition of Apple Wine in and around Frankfurt.

The festival's event page describes apple wine as something as the locals drink of choice in the state of Hesse and notes that this alcoholic beverage was a favorite of Charlemagne.

Amongst the local Apple Wine brands showcased on Apfelwein Wikipedia page is 'Possman Frankfurter Apfelwein above.

Wikipedia also mentions Sachsenhausen neighborhood of Frankfurt as of been called 'Applewine quarter'.

(* Possman Frankfurter Apfelwein photo by SCholewiak, posted on Flickr on June 2,2013)

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