Just another Boat Sails Paper Boat Route in Lisbon with Natalia Irina Roman July 013 Show

Just Another Boat exhibit by Natalia Irina Roman in Lisbon sails the paper boat route during month of July 2013. Event is curated by Luisa Santos

"Taking place in July, in the old town of Lisbon, an area filled with used but also abandoned tram tracks, where horizontal and vertical lines cross,  “Just another Boat” (2013) is composed of paper boats - the character in the story - spread along two meters ropes hanging from the ceiling to the floor. At Round The Corner, a small room where every exit is also an entrance, the visitors are invited to pass through a dense curtain of ropes and the space becomes an integral part of the mixed media installation with its mysterious character of passing through, both on horizontal and vertical ways."

"Co-inhabiting a space between installation and performance, “Just another Boat” (2013) makes use of the wind present in the room when doors are open and looks differently at every person’s entrance in the space. In the opening day, Sophie Bazy plays an accordion in between the boats. The instrument can be seen both from inside and from the street that here, becomes part of the scenario (or site) for the installation, which is, above all, a story."

Round The Corner (pictured below) is located Rua Nova da Trindade, Doors 9F – 9G Lisbon, Portugal.


Thanks to Luisa Santos for exhibit details.

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